Everything You Need, In One Place

Clear Software provides a complete suite of modules that spans from front-of-house to back-end operations. Equipped with advanced functionality, Clear Software offers a range of features, including quoting, ordering, inventory management, invoicing, payroll, financial reporting, and more. Customisable to how you sell, Clear Software is adaptable to the evolving needs and demands of your business, supporting growth and enhanced productivity.

Designed to streamline sales processes, our solution automates key aspects of your business such as sales processes, customer information management, order tracking and invoice generation. Through comprehensive reporting and analytics, Clear Software enables you to boost sales, optimise cash flow and make well informed business decisions. It’s seamless integration with e-commerce platforms makes Clear Software the all-in-one system to efficiently operate your entire business.


Dynamic sales processing: Experience smooth transactions—convert quote to order to invoice.

Inventory Control

Gain tight control of your stock with real time visibility in multiple locations.


Maintain financial accuracy and track your businesses financial success.

Warehouse Management

Manage logistical processes and track inventory across multiple locations.


Purchasing made easy! Automatically create purchase orders from backorders and manage stock receivals.


Accurate employee payments using our STP-compliant solution, facilitating seamless payroll management.


Tracking overseas stock deliveries, whilst allocating foreign shipping and freight costs.

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive reporting and analytical tools to track how your business is performing.

Unlock the potential benefits that Clear Software can bring to your business.

Introducing ClearTile—the advanced system specifically designed for the tiling industry.

  • Inventory Management – Streamline shade and bin management while inputting inventory items with tile-specific attributes. Capture details such as m2, shades, sizes, patterns, and material composition.
  • Shade and Batch Tracking – Efficiently track orders and batches across the entire supply chain, from initial placement to processing, shipping, and delivery.
  • Stock Control – Implement automated order processing and keep inventory levels updated in real time. Perform accurate audits to minimise discrepancies and maintain correct stock levels.
  • Sales processing: Seamless end to end processing for prompt and efficient customer service. This includes generating detailed quotes, smooth order conversion and timely invoicing.
  • Financial Reporting – Benefit from comprehensive reporting on sales, expenses, and profitability. Identify areas for improvement to support strategic planning and future growth.

Our feature rich solution is tailored to cater to businesses of all sizes and can be used across all industries. Whether utilised as a stand-alone system or seamlessly integrated with ClearAccounts or ClearTile, ClearPay transforms payroll processing into a standardised and automated process. The use of templates eliminates any margin for error, promoting accuracy and efficiency.

  • STP Compliant: Satisfy your reporting responsibilities with our Single Touch Payroll all-in-one solution.
  • Employee Management: Record relevant employee personal information such as contact details, Award, Superannuation banking, Leave entitlements, etc. View employees current and year-to-date totals for earning/deduction type in both value and quantity. Easily reinstate terminated employees.
  • Processing payroll:
    Centralised record keeping that handles rostered days off and all superannuation requirements. Automatic calculation of employer superannuation contributions.
    Supports varying pay frequencies, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. Data entry can be reviewed and edited before payment run.
    Supports the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) file format for bulk fund transfer that is used by all major Australian financial institutions. Used to process payments, to be made from one bank account to one or more bank accounts.
  • Reporting: Accurate audit, employee and management reports. An audit trail is maintained for each employee, for each item, for each cost centre, for each pay period, for a full financial year. Tax reconciliation report produced prior to Payment Summary run. All reports can be viewed on the screen or printed.

Introducing ClearLink!

Extend ClearTile or ClearAccounts with these online/ mobile features.

ClearLink serves as an add-on solution to ClearTile and ClearAccounts, seamlessly integrating to create powerful, linked, and real-time online solutions.

  • ClearLink Portal – Customers can search and view stock information and place orders directly in your ClearTile database.
  • ClearLink Webstore – An end-to-end ecommerce solution for ClearTile and ClearAccounts. A website linked directly to your ClearTile or ClearAccounts database.
  • ClearLink Direct – A direct link between retailer and wholesale supplier for stock check and direct order placement.
  • ClearLink QuickPOS – Create colour selections or place orders directly on a mobile device from warehouse to showroom.
  • ClearLink Despatch –Track and manage your orders from picking and packing to delivery.
  • ClearLink API –Facilitate communication between your eCommerce website and your ClearTile database.



Support Services

Our commitment to customers goes beyond the initial onboarding phase, offering continuous support to address challenges as they arise.

The help desk serves as the central point of contact, promptly handling queries to minimise disruptions in workflow. It is dedicated to swiftly identifying problems, utilising advanced tools to pinpoint root causes and reduce downtime.

For ongoing assistance, we provide readily accessible online help and a comprehensive knowledgebase for further clarification. Our software support services act as a safety net for our users.


Explore the full potential of the software with our structured training courses. Designed from beginner through to advanced levels, these courses delve deeper into specific aspects of the software, offering a smooth introduction and a more comprehensive understanding.

What sets us apart is the accessibility of our resources. Covering all modules and extra features, our training courses are readily available whenever required, providing flexibility to suit your schedule, and learning pace.

We’re committed to providing a solid foundation guiding our users every step of the journey.

Custom Develpment

We specialize in providing scalable and customized solutions designed to adapt to the unique needs of our clients. Understanding that businesses and their needs are constantly evolving, our software is designed with the capacity for growth, ensuring it always remains a valuable asset.

As the development journey progresses, modifications can be integrated as needed, allowing for adjustments as your business grows. This approach ensures that the software remains versatile throughout its lifecycle, consistently meeting the demands of your business.