Inventory Management

ClearAccounts provides centralized inventory control across warehouses, stores, and e-commerce platforms.

Designed for automating tracking and ordering, ClearAccounts helps businesses to maintain optimal stock levels at the correct cost, enhancing overall productivity. Say farewell to affecting margins from overstocking, and welcome informed purchasing decisions.

Featuring multi-location capability, ClearAccounts delivers streamlined management across all sites, offering real-time operational visibility. Effortlessly transfer stock between locations to maintain a balance between supply and demand. Integrated barcode scanning ensured accurate stock takes and inventory counts are performed across your entire organization.

Unleash the full potential of your business with comprehensive reporting analytics that highlight your top-selling products to elevate sales!

Track every item sold and make your stock work for you!


  • Seamless integration with ClearSoftware products ensuring accurate financial data and efficiency
  • Automated re-ordering, sales tracking, and integration with e-commerce
  • Quick stock searches using keywords or item codes.
  • Data centralization to easily perform enquiries on all items – showing stock availability, linked sales orders, purchase orders, quotes, transactions, pricing levels, supplier costs, sales, holds, product images, shipments and ¬†much more.
  • Automatic on sell suggestions.
  • Automatic notifications when stock falls below a predetermined threshold
  • Create customer Invoices and supplier purchase orders in multiple currencies.
  • Quantity-based pricing tiers, incentivizing customers to purchase larger volumes.
  • Effectively track and manage excess and shortages.
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities and analytical tools for forecasting patterns and trends