Designed exclusively for the tiling industry


“Business management software for all levels of the tile industry”

Whether you operate as a retailer, wholesaler, importer, or distributor, ClearTile offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance the overall operation of your tile business.

Tile Retailer

Give your sales team the tools required to provide fast and efficient customer service at your point of sale. From Selection to Quote to Order to Invoice, ClearTile has you covered.

Tile Wholesaler

Maintain tight control over your stock, easily track orders through to despatch and provide multiple channels of enquiry with Clear Softwares integratable ClearLink solutions.

Tile Importer

Use software that’s simple, quick and accurate while keeping track of your overseas shipments, manage cost distribution and transact in any currency.

Tile Distributor

Use a combination of tools to manage and track the despatch of goods around the country. From accepting an order to picking, packing, delivery and finally invoicing.

ClearTile optimises day-to-day workflow processes, reducing administrative overheads and ensuring smooth transactions for a positive customer experience.

Point of Sale

Provide fast customer service at your point of sale.

  • Trade Counter Sales –  Easily generate Invoices on a dedicated trade counter. Get you tradies in and out quickly and efficiently.
  • Showroom Sales Workflow – Selection to Quote to Order to Invoice. Easily convert a selection to a quote and consolidate lines. Convert quote to order. Convert order to invoice. One step process to go from one to the next.
  • Backordering – Allows backorder in Sales Orders, Generate purchase orders for backorders, Maintain link between PO and SO, Automatically commit upon stock receival.
  • Multiple Location Support –  Track sales from multiple showrooms (selling locations)
  • Get Best Shade – Automatically apply the best shade to satisfy the quantity ordered. Ability to override if required.
  • Quantity Rounding – Automatically apply the best shade to satisfy the quantity ordered. Ability to override if required.
  • Convert m2 to Pallets/Boxes/Pieces – Enter either m2 or boxes/pieces quantities when selling and display pallets/boxes/pieces when processing stock.
  • Pallet Pricing – automatically apply price discount for pallet-based orders.

Inventory Management

Maintain control over your stock with real time visibility.

  • Track shades/batches –  Keep track of SOH, committed and available quantity for every shade or batch in every warehouse.
  • Multiple Location Support – Clear Software allows you to keep track of stock across multiple warehouses.
  • Warehouse Bins – Easily find stock by maintaining warehouse bin locations.
  • Purchasing –  Easily generate purchase orders for stock replenishment.
  • Reordering – Keep track of stock levels with enquiry screens and reordering reports.
  • Quantity Rounding – Automatically apply the best shade to satisfy the quantity ordered. Ability to override if required.
  • Stock Receivals – Receive stock by purchase order or by shipment.
    Despatch management – Track the progress of every order from order placement to despatch to invoicing.


With financial tracking at its core, easily monitor your business’s financial health with real-time insights into revenue, expenses, and profits, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  • Customer account management –  Keep track of customer information, account balances, get valuable insight into customer sales history.
  • Bulk invoice processing – Convert sales orders to invoices for multiple customers and send by email in one process.
  • Monthly statement processing – Send monthly statements to account customers.
  • Supplier accounts management –  Processing supplier invoices. Bulk payment by ABA file.
  • Bank reconciliation – Import your bank statement for easy bank reconciliation.
  • Business Reporting – Track your financial success with upto 1200 different reports across the software package.

A business solution that encompasses all of your needs.

“Reasons why ClearTile will help your business”

  • Highly customisable: Tailored to your unique selling methods.
  • End-to-end processing: Manage orders seamlessly from quoting to invoicing.
  • Precise quantity conversion: Convert square meters into the exact number of pieces, boxes, and pallets.
  • Shade tracking: Effortlessly monitor and track shades.
  • Business intelligence: Access customized reports, charts, graphs for comprehensive sales analysis.
  • Freight allocation: Effectively allocate foreign shipping and freight costs.
  • Accurate currency conversions: Handle foreign currency conversions with precision for precise purchasing and cost management.
  • Visual clarity: Color tile images for quick stock identification.
  • Sales analysis: Gain insights into your business performance through extensive sales reporting.
  • Quick stock retrieval: Find stock rapidly through keyword searches and advanced filters
  • Optimal procurement: Purchase overseas stock with accuracy and cost-efficiency
  • Decimal pricing: Maximize the value from each sale by pricing stock per square meter to four decimal places.
  • Web product integration: Benefit from E-commerce, bulk emailing, SMS notifications, bar code scanning, and a mobile POS system.